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‘Master Class’ Great show

I attended the matinee performance of “Master Class” presented by the Gulfshore Playhouse at the Daniels Pavilion of the Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts. It was stunning. The play itself was beautifully written by Terrence McNally. The acting was sensational, and the music was outstanding. I have attended many theater performances, both here and...


A Masterful Play At Gulfshore

Talk about ending their season on a high note, Gulfshore Playhouse is doing just that with their spectacular production of “Master Class.” The Tony award-winning play takes place in an empty opera hall at Julliard where opera diva Maria Callas subjects her students to constructive criticism. She reminds everyone that singing is serious business. She...


‘Passionate’ about opera diva Maria Callas

“My friends all said ‘This should be the easiest role you’ve ever done!'” Re laughed as she perched in a spindly office chair across a desk from me on the second floor of the Toni Stabile Education Building. The actress had just come out of rehearsal for the Gulfshore Playhouse production of “Master Class,” Terrance...


Delivers extraordinary ‘Whipping Man’

Don’t be put off by the fact that this show is about slaves, the Civil War, Jews, (black Jews no less!) or even an incredibly traumatic scene in the first half where Nickell’s character exposes a gangrenous leg. “The Whipping Man” delivers a stunning, captivating evening of theater that seizes you, holds you transfixed, rattles...


Passover meets emancipation in ‘Whipping Man’

Director Matt Pfeiffer believes that great plays must ask great questions. He also believes that “The Whipping Man,” which opens March 15 under his direction for Gulfshore Playhouse, lives up to that requisite. Even a short description of the play by Matthew Lopez, which made its New York premier in 2011, intrigues: “It’s Passover in...