Cast of Gulfshore Playhouse ‘Leading Ladies’ elevates farce

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Cast of Gulfshore Playhouse ‘Leading Ladies’ elevates farce

In Shakespeare’s time, men would play both the male and female roles.

In Ken Ludwig’s “Leading Ladies,” a pair of Shakespearean actors are once again pretending to be women — but they do so in attempts to swindle a dying woman out of her money by claiming to be her long-lost nieces.

The two men, Leo (Willam Connell) and Jack (Zach Martens) assume the identities of Maxine and Stephanie, respectively.

They’ve been bumming around for 10 years, acting, but are still at rock bottom. If their scene at the local Moose lodge is any indication, we can understand why. The two have a sword fight while quoting a hodge-podge of lines from various Shakespearean plays.

When they learn that a dying woman, Florence (Mary Stout) is looking for her relatives, Max and Steve, in order to leave them her millions but hasn’t seen them since their childhood, they decide, out of desperation, to deceive her. But then, they learn that Max and Steve are actually Maxine and Stephanie.


by Nancy Stetson
Florida Weekly


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