BWW Review: SKYLIGHT at Gulfshore Playhouse

BWW Review: SKYLIGHT at Gulfshore Playhouse

BWW Review: SKYLIGHT at Gulfshore Playhouse

SKYLIGHT at Gulfshore Playhouse, directed by Christian Parker, tells the story of lost love in a very realistic and dramatic production.

Amy Blackman plays Kyra Hollis, an independent and intelligent teacher who receives two unexpected, impactful visitors in one night.

Her first visitor was Edward Sergeant, played by Evan Sibley. Todd Weeks plays Edward’s dad, Tom Sergeant, who also happens to be Kyra’s past lover. The tension between these characters, particularly Tom and Kyra, is very evident and a bit awkward at the beginning of the show as it has been a few years since they’ve seen each other, but the familiarity they have with one another as well as the evolution they have experienced since they last saw each other becomes evident as the play progresses. Blackman and Weeks do an excellent job showcasing the emotional journey their characters going through during the show as they revisit their past lives together through their conversations.

One thing I enjoyed about this play was how truly realistic it felt. From the apartment-like set, designed by Steve Ten Eyck, to the sound effects, designed by Christopher Colucci, to watching Blackman actually cook spaghetti on stage (which smells so good cooking that it will make you crave spaghetti immediately, I assure you from personal experience), it felt as if the audience was observing real reunions and conversations between these few characters.


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