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Review: ‘Boeing-Boeing’ offers airplane antics

Alexis Hyatt and Jeffrey Binder in Boeing-Boeing
Alexis Hyatt and Jeffrey Binder in Boeing-Boeing

“Boeing Boeing.” What’s that sound? Stewardesses bouncing up and down.

Gulfshore Playhouse drops bachelor Bernard inside an utterly fabulous midcentury modern apartment. Randall Parsons’ set soars to the ceiling in tones of sand and white; the Norris Center stage has never looked so expansive, so wonderful, so airy. And so, so, sexy. You’ll yearn for that space-age collection of discs in red, yellow and blue that serves as a coat rack, as well as the stunning posters.

Jan Neuberger presides over the chaos as goofily Gallic maid, cook and general dogsbody Berthe. Her understated, unflappable style brings most of the laugh lines, especially Berthe’s wide-eyed facial expressions and refusal to do much work.