Gulfshore Playhouse proposes partnership with city on new parking garage

Gulfshore Playhouse hopes to have a new theater within the next three years and, to go with it, a new parking garage courtesy of the city of Naples.

In November 2017, Gulfshore Playhouse closed on 3 acres at the corner of First Avenue South and Goodlette-Frank Road to build a new 56,000-square-foot theater in the planned Naples Square project.

November 2017: Gulfshore Playhouse buys land to build its new theater site

As part of its redevelopment plan, Gulfshore Playhouse has proposed a partnership with Naples in which the Playhouse will donate an acre to the city and the city will build a parking garage on the land.

The parking garage will not only benefit the theater, but all of the surrounding residents and businesses, said Kristen Coury, founder and producing artistic director of Gulfshore Playhouse.

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