Announcing the 2018-2019 Season
An Iliad

Based on Homer’s The Iliad
ranslated by Robert Fagles
October 20th-November 4th
Previews: October 18th & 19th

Passed down from the campfires of Ancient Greece comes a fresh retelling of Homer’s soaring epic. Featuring a virtuosic one-man performance, one embattled storyteller grapples with The Iliad’s timeless tale of the horrors and heroism of war. With intimacy and immediacy, this strikingly theatrical experience will shine a light on how Homer’s poem rings true today.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart; Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
November 17th-December 30th
Previews: November 15th & 16th

Comedy tonight! Broadway’s greatest musical farce takes us back to Ancient Rome for a unique and unforgettable production featuring a gender-bent ensemble. Pseudolus, a devious slave, makes a deal to win his freedom by playing matchmaker for his lovesick master, Hero. Rife with pompous generals, domineering parents, and wiley courtesans, this hilarious Tony-winning musical is a non-stop laugh-fest with “something for everyone!”

The Revolutionists

January 12th-February 3rd
Previews: January 10th & 11th

Liberté, égalité… sororité. In the chaos of the French Revolution, anything can happen — especially laughter. Against the backdrop of France’s Reign of Terror, former queen Marie Antoinette, assassin Charlotte Corday, playwright Olympe de Gouges, and spy Marianne Angelle form an unlikely alliance. Written by the most popular playwright in America, this explosive comedy puts a modern twist on history as these women fight for equality and freedom and leave an indelible mark on history in their wake.

In the Next Room

February 16th-March 10th
Previews: February 14th & 15th

In a well-to-do Victorian home, a doctor innocently invents a new machine to treat female “hysteria.” While his young and lively wife tends to their newborn baby, she begins to wonder what her husband is up to in the next room. As she tries to uncover what all the buzz is about, the doctor’s new invention sends a shock wave through the lives of his patients and to his surprise, his own marriage. Nominated for three Tony awards, this poignant and provocative comedy explores the nature of love, intimacy, and electricity.

Holmes & Watson

March 23rd-April 20th
Previews: March 21st & 22nd

It’s been three years since Sherlock Holmes plunged to his death off Reichenbach Falls…or so the world believed. When Dr. John Watson receives a mysterious telegram from a doctor who states that three men claiming to be Sherlock Holmes are in his care, it is up to Watson, now filled with hope his companion may yet live, to determine which of these three might be the real Sherlock Holmes. As Watson investigates the mystery, a web of intrigue, murder, and suspense begins to unravel which may reveal the truth of Sherlock Holmes’ fate.


May 4th-May 19th
Previews: May 2nd & 3rd

On a cold winter night, Kyra, a schoolteacher, is unexpectedly reunited with her former lover, the recently widowed Tom, in her London apartment. Now forced to confront their shared past, the two find themselves entangled in a passionate clash of opposing ideologies and mutual desires. This intoxicating and exhilarating Tony-winning play asks whether true love is enough to bridge the distance between two people.

New Works Festival

Gulfshore Playhouse’s Sixth Annual New Works Festival will continue to bring exciting new programming to Naples audiences. Bringing together four playwrights and a team of actors and directors, this week-long festival will offer a place for the carefully selected playwrights to hone their never-before-produced plays and then present their work to an audience.

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