2017-2018 Programs
INTRODUCING In Flight: The Story of Sabine van Dam

Intended Age: 5th – 8th Grade
Standards: History, Social Studies, Language Arts, Theatre
*Program Cost: $750 (per grade level)
*Program and 3- Session Residency Cost: $1000 (per grade level)

At four years old, Sabine was living happily with her parents, sister, and beloved housekeeper Nana in a beautiful house in the Hague. One morning, her mother told her to put on every piece of clothing and jewelry she owned, and the family walked out and shut the door behind them, never to return. In Flight is a tale of climbing barbed wire to cross borders, hiding in abandoned houses, and the triumph of Sabine’s luminous spirit in the face of terror, betrayal, and devastation.

In Flight is a collaborative project between Gulfshore Playhouse and the Holocaust Museum of Southwest Florida. This 45-minute program is designed to fit into a classroom period and will include three components: a theatre performance, an interactive activity, and a discussion. First, a small group of actors will play all roles in a 25-30 minute theatre piece that depicts Holocaust survivor Sabine van Dam’s journey from 1939-1945. The play will be presented in a simple way with no scenery and minimal props and costumes. It will be followed by an interactive activity based on the work of theatre master Augusto Boal, who used his expertise in theatre to develop audience engagement techniques that addressed conflict resolution and opened community dialogue. The students will have the opportunity to ask the actors to go back into scenes and make different decisions.  The actors will then improvise those scenes based on the audiences’ suggestions. Some students may have the opportunity to come up on stage and play out their suggestion with the actor (s).  The presentation will end with a reflection on the audiences’ observations of the activity and a discussion about courage and about how we make choices.

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