Special Thanks to all Who Contribute to Gulfshore Playhouse

We are so very pleased to recognize these donors to Gulfshore Playhouse for the period August 1, 2016 – July 31, 2017.

Made possible by the generosity of our


Jane & Steve Akin


Patty & Jay Baker


Linda & Bob Harden
Dottie & John Remondi


Christine and Terrance Flynn
Valerie & Nizar Ghoussaini
Rosemary & Don Gunther
Christine Paddock




Nancy & Tom Gallagher
Gail Paster
Racetrac Petroleum
Anne & Frederick Stratton


Tennille and Aaron Sevigny

SPONSOR A STAR 2017-2018

Allen and Joyce Gerstein
Sarann & Stanley Kraushaar
Alice & Chuck Simons


FineMark Bank
Joyce and Patrick Coughlan


Jane & Steve Akin: Red Carpet
BMW: Rapunzel
Brooke and Gerard deGunzburg: The Baker
Sharen & Gary Thomas: The Baker
Sweet Sheldon Construction: Jack & The Beanstalk
Moorings Park: Little Red Riding Hood
Erika & Peter Aron: Cinderella
Jerry Nichols: Red Carpet
Sarann and Stanley Kraushaar: Red Carpet
Life In Naples: Media Sponsor

Golf Tournament Sponsors:

Golf Shirt Sponsor:


Presenting Sponsor:

Golf Trophy Sponsor:

John Nyikos

Hole Sponsors:
Jorgen Albrechtsen
Basil Anderson
Dennis and Adrianne Cady
Byron Donalds
Fites Family Charitable Trust
Bob and Linda Harden
Jim Henderson
Daniel Lampe
Michelle McLoon
Lawrence and Linda Meyer
John and Kristin Miller
Jack and Debera Millstein
Fred Moosally
Jim & Judith O’Connor
Premier Sotheby’s International Realty – Leah Ritchey & Amy
Francis Rooney
Dirk and Donna Stuurop

The Capital Campaign

The Capital Campaign

Special Thanks to all Who Contribute to the Capital Campaign

The Angel's Circle
$20,000 or Greater

Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Akin
Patty and Jay Baker
Cohen & Grigsby
Christine and Terrance Flynn
Thomas and Nancy Gallagher
Nizar & Valerie Ghoussaini

Bob and Linda Harden
Tony McMunn-Tricam Industries, Inc
Christine Paddock
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Remondi
Anne and Fred Stratton

The Producer's Circle
$10,000 - $19,999

Acadia Wealth Management, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Aron
Phil and Mary Beuth
Jerry Coury
David and Bobbi Drobis
Ms. Kathleen S. Glass
Don and Rosemary Gunther

Marilyn Lightner and Leslie Halon
John & Mary Nice
Gail Kern Paster
Racetrac Petroleum
Barry Frank and Susan Regenstein
Shelly and Ralph Stayer
Glenda and Richard Struthers

The Director's Circle

Virginia Jean Ackerman
Barry Adams
Georg and Joyce Albers-Schonberg
Harold Alfond Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Amen
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Kyla de Asla
Kathleen Azaritti
Will & Donna Bobb
Kelly Capolino
Kristen Coury
James Curvey
Harry & Mary Ann Debes

Gerard & Brooke de Gunzburg
Fidelity Investments
FineMark National Bank and Trust
Fritz and Kathy Friday
Marty & Judy Isserlis
Richard Jensen
Stan and Saraan Kraushaar
The Iqbal & Shelby Mamdani Foundation
Tina Matte
Don and Carolyn McCulloch Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Morgan Jr.
Patty Murton

Jack & FE Nortman
Alois Rupp
Aaron and Tennille Sevigny
Dr. and Mrs. Charles and Alice Simons
F. Samuel and Karen Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Howard and Elaine Specter
Dick and Marie Stonesifer
Everett and Alice Van Hoesen
Sam and Julie Wyman
Don and Harriet Young

The Actor's Circle
Up to $4,999

John and Bunny Brooks
James & Diane Snyder Family Foundation
Sharen & Gary Thomas
Jane Cullen
Drs. Graham and Ann Frank
Allen and Joyce Gerstein
Alan and Karen Reynolds
Charles & Helen Donahue Fund of the Community Foundation of Collier County
James & Brigitte Marino
James V. Talano
The Moorings, Inc
Jack & Debera Millstein
Jim and Eileen Henderson
Katrin van Dam & Tony Fross
Joanne Haddad Jacobs
Holly and Bruce Johnstone
Dennis and Adrianne Cady
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A Levy
Kay Burns & John Caban
Edward G. and Catherine M. Galante
Gerald and Jody Lippes
Bob and Debbie Milotte
Nardella and Associates
Tom and Judy Rush
Jerry and Adria Starkey
Bill and Linda Stavropoulos
Other Stratton Foundation
Linda and Ken Sumner
Jerry and Judy Sumners
The Tenzer Family Foundation
Jay and Toshiko Tompkins
Laura Scott
Joyce Coughlan
Karen Siff Exkorn and Franklin Exkorn
Susan Glass and Arni Thorsteinson
Mitchell Hertz and Anne Carlucci
Michael and Eleanor Liberman
Denis Olson
Van Zandt and Myra Williams
Naples Signature Collection
Liz and Jim Jessee
In honor of Gail Kern Paster
Richard and Jane Borchers
Joanne B Haddad-Jacobs
Barbara Lapham
Karen and Patrick Ricci
Patsy Schroeder
Basil Anderson
Mordechai & Michal Wiesler
Tony Panzica
Myra Shapiro
Ann Brennan
Davey and Kristine Scoon
Wendy Needham
Alan and Nancy Abramson
Mike & Anne Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. David I. Barton
Renzo & Maria Basili
Susan & Art Bookbinder
Katherine Burns
Michael Cassara
Moya & Bob Chase
Charles C. Cohen
Hal and Jane Cohen
Helen Daniels
David and Donna Eskra
Fred Favata
Jack and Pella Fingersh
Joseph & Patricia Foley
Douglas Gebbie
Helene Gorman
Dave and Janet Griffith
Tom and Harlene Habel
Alan & Elizabeth Harris
Mary Henrikson
Jacqueline Holland
Charles Kerwood
Jason Korn
Drs. Ben and Susie Martin
Phil McCabe
Robert and Rebecca McLennan
Daniel J. Meyer
John M. & Susan M. Morrison Fund of the Community Foundation
Janis & John Morrisroe
Hugh & Eliza Nevin
Donald & Ellen O’Neill
Vaughn and Audrey Pengelly
Linda Penniman
Russell & Sandra Peppet
Ric Phillips and Laurie Cowan Phillips
Joyce Poitras
Joy Rasin
Steve and Sue Reimer
John Levy & Gail Rothenberg
J. Finander Scott
Layne J. Tarbutton
Steve and Jean Thoma
Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Trumbull
Lucille and Jack Tymann
Kathleen Van Bergen
Carolyn Vogel
Patti Wagner
Paul and Theresa Way
Allen and Marla Weiss
Farron and Roger Winges
Lou & Bruce Zellner
Jerry Nichols
Deborah Magid
Millie & James Sernovitz
John & Laird Groody
Glen H. & Shirley B. Gronlund
James Schmotter & Daphne Jameson
Lance & Ellen Primis
David Berg
James Biello
Linda Adamany
James L. and Judith A. Bailey
Jonye and Deane Briggs
Dr. James & Erica Buchweitz
Mr. & Mrs William Carlson
Ronald and Darlene Cindrich
Mr. and Mrs. Howard K. Cohen
Tom and Nancy Cusick
Janet & Gary Ellis
Patricia Ewers
Carmen Flowers
Joanne Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Gayer
Susan Gibbons
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Karen Greg
Tom and Nancy Hanson
Rick & Joan Heald
Leo & Jean Hertzog
Kathy & David G Holmes
Peter Janson
Kathleen Kapnick
Polly Keller
Joyce & James Kerridge
Mally Khorasantchi

Matt Koch
George and Patricia Kraus
Carolyn and Stephen Light
G. Theodore & Mary M. Mascott
Phillip and Barbara McManus
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Michaels, Jr.
Joe and Krys Mortellaro
Dell and Judy Pooler
Mary Trevor and Max Rabinovitsj
Terry Rayburn
In Memory of Lori L Renner
Chuck & Madge Ringbakk
Roger & Janet Sippey
Ann Stallkamp
Robert & Shirley Wade
Beverly and John Wernette
Jill Wilkinson
Murray and Linda Yost
Connie & Vinny Von Zwehl
Lou and Eva Hoff
Mary Clements
Vicky and David Pendell
Beth Smith
Robert Fauls
Craole Aronson
Nicki & Forrest Davis
Waterside Shops
Stephen and Trudy Weisberg
Ronald and Jan Pass
Marvin and Helaine Lender
Joel & Arlene Banow
Donna Carty and Alan Buchholz
Andre and Evelyn Fogarasi
Sue Rapanos
Premier Sotheby’s International Realty – Leah Ritchey & Amy Becker
Bob and Fran Simpson
Dirk and Donna Stuurop
Steve Sumner
Marshall Besikof
Ronald D. Sarbieski and Stephen K. Blackwell
Tracy and Kathy Connelly
James and Patricia DeMaio
Ron and Arlene Diorio
Dianne Farrell
Myra & Mort Friedman
Arlene Garrity
Heidi and Howard Gilbert
Bert & Sue Greenspan
Linda Hamburger
Richard and Madeline Hartnett
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Levin
Bob and Ellis Naegele
Jim & Judith O’Connor
Paul O’Rourke
William Parry
Suzanne Bradbeer and Kyle Pasewark
Mrs. Sara W. Pierce
Robert and Micki Ravitz
Ellen Seigel
Maureen Silliman
Richard and Bonnie Singer
MacKenzie & Jeannine Smith
Gary T. Steiman
Gregory and Diana Wallenstein
Jean & Sheldon Wert
Kathleen G. Volpe and Michael A. Shaner
John & Valerie Klosterman
Diane Jenkins
Robert & Shirley Bassin
Frank and Letitia Accarrino
Howard & Sheila Agranat
Katherine E. Andersen
Jack & Rose Andrews
Sandra & Daniel Apple
Susan and Bob Barley
Joseph and Jean Beauchamp
Joseph Benaroya
Mr. & Mrs. Allan M Bercaw
Jane Purdy Berger
Larry and Marilyn Cohen
Micky Dix
Karen Driste
Marianne DuBois
Corrine & Russ Duggan
Edward and Maria Giovine
Carol Goldman
Monica Haley
Bob Harden Radio
Joan Rudick and Jim Herrell
Joan Humphrey
Teresa Iacuzzo
Norman Kominsky
Elaine Lerner
John Lyngaas
George Markovich, M.D.
Doug & Lyn Mehle
Fred and Alice Metry
Ron & Paula Meyer
Kathleen Mezzalingua
Irwin & Beryl Moore
William and Gilda Moskal
Elizabeth Munz
Louis Paar
Sandy & Bob Pellegrino
Wayne Plaza
Fran & Jon Portnof
Caroline Rottkamp
Elizabeth W. Rountree
Barry & Eva Sands
Jeffrey and Susan Shapiro
Rita & Laurence Sibrack
Southwest Florida 49ers
John and Jean Speredelozzi
Peter and Saundra Spilotro
John & Marilyn Steffan
Jim & Sandy Streicher
Kathryn A. Stromberger
Sylvia Taub
Roberta and Rodger Taylor
Alan Morris/Barbara Tyler
Waterfall Landscaping, Inc.
Peg & Gary Wendlandt
Halyna & Bill Young
Jon and Marguerite Zschiegner
Beverly Friese
Iris & Floyd Shapiro
Bob & Judy Faust
Gravina Smith Matte & Arnold
Joan Ablett
Paul Accinno
Deborah Adamy
Ilana Adler
Mireya Agnoli
Hymie Akst
Sam Alathari
Jorgen Albrechtsen
Janet Allocca
Peter Amabile
Jane Austermiller
Lana Aylwin

John & Josie Baggott
Melody Bales
Robert Barber
Marisa Batty
Lawrence Bell
William and Myra Benedikt
Donna & Bob Berback
Danny & Annie Berger
Litha Berger
David Bernstein
Karen and Gary Biernesser
Birgit Biesing
Roland Binst
Robert Blair
Doris Bloch
Karen Bottemanne
Marlene Braham
Raymond Branstiter
Harold and Jan Brinkman
Donald & Jean Broholm
Kenneth Bromen
Sybil Brown
Mary Bullard
Patricia J. Bush
June Reeves & Frank Caccamise
Gregory Cain
Santo Calderone
Richard Cappelletti
Norma Carl
Richard & Linda Censits
Lois Charlebois
Dr. Victor and Linda Cheloliber
Wil Christiansen
Daniel Churchill
John and Rita Cirrincione
Larry Coates
Lois and Phil Cohen
Edward Conrad
Gail Cooper
Saul and Janet Cooperman
Dr. & Mrs. John Corbett
Geraldine Corbin
Salvatore B. & Marjorie H. Corrallo
Bonnie Jean Cousineau
Darcy Cox
Ken Davenport
Robert and Anne Depew
David Deutsch
James Dilorenzo
Bill Donahue
Byron Donalds
Mary Donnelly
Vincent & Christine Drobny
Paul & Kathleen Duttge
Sandra Earl
Anne Marie and Larry Eisenberg
Jane Ellsworth
Eileen Ertag
Pedro Escalon
Joan and Azariah Eshkenazi
John Evans
Mary Ferman
Michael Field
Fites Family Charitable Trust
John & Linda Flatley
Lois Ann and James T. Folliard
Joseph Francis
Bette and Henry Frenette
Toni Front
John and Maila Furanna
Carol Gallner
Michael George
Richard Gerstein
Julia Gilman
Maier Goldberg
Nancy Goldsmith
Mitch Golub
Marian Grace
Lisa Green
Patricia Gries
Diana Gross
Stephanie and Carl Grunewald
Lisa Gumenick
Sharon Riser & Kent Haas
Lynn and Joe Halperin
Judy and Gordon Hammes
Ray Harman
Judith Harper
Eileen and Marty Harrison
Janice Harrison
Maryanne Hartigan
Michael & Mary Jo Healy
Melinda Heim
Charles and Charla Henningsen
Dean Hodapp
Alexandra Holland
Gloria Holsen
Irene Horowitz and Bruce Somerville
Hazel Horsfield
Vicki Hudson
Sue Huff
Jeffery Hutzler
Janet Ingram
Tim & Sherri Jablon
Rochelle Jacob
William Jenkins
Doug & Holly Jensen
Rice John
Susan Johnson
Craig Johnson
Catelyn Juliano
David V. Julien
Brenda Kaiser
Karen Kalmanson
Judith & Jack Kaufman
Bonnie Kaufmann
Jay Kaye
John Kegaly
Dr. & Mrs. William Kelhoffer
Margot A. Kenzie
Linda Klaasmeyer
Tim Kling
John and Lynn Koffel
Ralph and Donna Korte
Elaine Kotkin
Melissa Kupper
Marvin & Carol Lader
Daniel Lampe
Rosanna Lane
Gwen Langley
Robin Larkin
Deborah Larsen
Linda Lee
Laura and Richard Lehrich
Michelle Levine-Troupp
Lynn P Libman
Susan F Loop
Barbara Lounsbury
Alexandra Lovelady
Jim and Gail Lozelle

Kathleen Ludwig
Thelma Lyle
James MacGregor
Richard A. Macken
Ellen Madeira
Albert and Sandra Marks
Theodora and Jeffrey Martin
Ricki Baker and Steven Mason
Dianne Mayberry-Hatt
Shannon McConnell
Dennis McGonigal
Michelle McLoon
Ann Richard & Burton Meisner
Mary Mensch
Lawrence and Linda Meyer
John and Kristin Miller
Barbara Miller
David & Kathie Miller
Jeffrey Miller
Glenn Miller
Kenneth Miller
Fred Moghtader
Clair B Mohn
Christina Mona
Fred Moosally
Thomas & Carol Morrow
Trula Myers
Naples PEO Group
Naples Woman’s Club
Rebecca Nelson
Leslie & Gail Nizin
Patricia Bush & Geoffrey Noble
Regina Noch
Barbara Anne Norris
Richard Nowak
Charlotte O’Donnell
Janet OHalloran
Louise Orkin
Rose-Marie Van Otterloo
Donald Parker
Maureen Parkinson
Gloria Parsons
Laverne Perrollaz
Bonnie Peterson
Jenny Pliska
F. Graham and Patricia Poehler
Janice Poltak
Sharon Poole
William P. Pope
George Popp
Paul Prang
Robert Privitera
Peter and Mary Lynn Prokop
Rosemary Przybylski
William & Barbara Pulsifer
Melvin Puthoff
Joanne M. Quinn
Ms. Maraline Rane
Gerald & Nancy Rauso
Robin Raymond
Lisa & Thomas Read
Patrick Regan
Tom & Karen Reinecke
Wendy and Gerald Richman
Kathryn Rieger
Elizabeth Rogers
Susan Rojas
Francis Rooney
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Carol Rosenberg
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Roth
Steve & Midge Rozen
Richard & Barbara Rubin
Mrs. Mercedes Russo
Katharine Ryan
James and Mary Ryan
Cheryl Sachs
Sally Salzer
Sarah Sammis
Rhona Saunders
Robert Schmeckpeper
Anne A. Schnesel
Joyce Leonard Schrager
Sally Schultz
Terry Schultz
Mayer Schwartz MD
Stephanie Schwetz
Marci Seamples
Ms. Diane Shapiro
Edward Shouel
Charles Shriver
Tammra & Arnold Sigler
Ronald and Roberta Sims
Naomi and Edwin Singer
James & Deb Sippl
Barbara Slater
Barbara R. Smith
Frank & Marti Soffey
Howard & Janet Solot
Martin Sonkin
Pinelope Speh
Linda and John Spevacek
Jerald and Joy Spivak
Sally Springer
Gretchen & Halsey Spruance
Jane Stein
Michael Strickland
Renee and Joel Sugar
Marshall and Patricia Sutker
Hilary Sweeney
Beverly and Ed Tassinari
Pauline Ternan
Thomas & Raylene Thomsen
Becky Titmus
Irma Todd
Roz Travis
Carol Trihy
Judy Tuff
Shirl S. Unatin
Nadine Underhill
Katherine Updegrove
George Valva
Gerritt and Carolann VanderMeer
Lesley Waite
Jennifer Walker
Carol Warrell
Mike Wathen
David Weil
Susan Weiss
John and Donna Westemeyer
Elisabeth White
Ron & Gigi Wietecha
John and Lynn Wigton
Edwin & Lynne Wilcox
George Woltz
Nancy Woltz
William Wright III
Ellen Wummel
Karl and Joanne Wyss
James Zangrilli
Anonymous (24)